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i'm leah from boston, massachusetts. 22 years old, cancer sun, cancer moon, scorpio rising.


me: but I don’t wanna start anything…
me: *starts something*

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this is me

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I want 0 responsibilities and a lot of lingerie

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live and let live; learn and let learn. all we can do is our best, which ain’t always gonna be enough.

i’m trying though, godDAMN am i trying

i was out to eat with lizzy today and our waiter overheard me say “I love dick in a spiritual way” …. lmfao

> gets really stoned with the purpose of falling asleep at a semi-regular time

> watches stupid youtube videos for an hour, chefs up 5 course meal, spends another 2 hours being a tumblr fiend, then puts lockup on the tv, all of a sudden it’s almost 5 AM